The baby room is furnished to be very homely and comfortable. The focus is on giving the babies plenty of love, security and attention. The rooms are light and bright, with a wide variety of toys and activities to interest and stimulate your child.

Rising 2's Blue and Yellow Room
(2 rooms, 6 children in each room)

In these two rooms, the children undertake a variety of different activities that aid their natural development. At this age the resources are beginning to have a purpose. The staff move among the children encouraging them to undertake individual tasks, including tasks in small groups, such as messy play, painting, water and sand. Socialisation is a strong emphasis in our environment, with the children learning to share and work together co-operatively.

The children in here are learning through their play. They absorb many different concepts, including both mathematical and linguistic. Simple skills, including pouring, lifting, handling, measuring, all develop from these very small beginnings.

Each group follows a structured day filled with interesting activities. Children will participate in story sessions, number and language games and music, along with many art and creative sessions.

blue room

yellow room

2 Years to 3 Years Orange and Lilac Room (2 rooms, 8 children in each room)


In these two rooms, the children concentrate on developing their personalities and learning through experiences. Language, writing, mathematics and reading activities are undertaken each day, but are presented in such a way that the children do not even realise they are learning. Often the rooms will be calm and quiet, this is usually because the children are busy developing their skills.

Alongside the structured activities of the day, other activities are on offer at the children's level, which encourages them to choose these for themselves, therefore, developing their independence and preparing them eventually for the pre-school room!

orange room lilac room
3 Years to Reception Rainbow Pre- School Room (24 children in this room)

This classroom is designed to mimic that of a reception classroom. The children in here are confident and competent little people, with a lot to contribute with their expanding and enquiring minds that are eager to learn. Independence and self-confidence are key targets at this age in preparation for their move on to school. Structured work is introduced as part of 'play' and becomes more formal as the children mature.

rainbow room



We have an enriching and exciting outdoor environment, which the children have access to everyday. The outdoors is equally as important as indoors, with us providing a varied range of tools, equipment and activities for the children. Outdoors is used as an extension to the indoor area, providing access to resources such as those that encourage role play, mark making and the development of fine and gross motor skills. Children have access to a paved area and artificial grass, on which they play with ride-on cars and bikes. They make use of the play house, sand and water, while exploring and investigating their surroundings and environment.

blue room

We have incorporated messy play outside. There are large basins that are filled with various substances and media, such as; dried or wet rice, cornflour, gloop etc. In the spring time they plant a range of flowers, plants, fruits and vegetables. Children enjoy the large open space, where they can take risks within a safe environment; playing with larger toys such as slides and caterpillar tunnels.

Food & Nutrition

At Goldstar we believe that mealtimes should be relaxed, social, calm and friendly. It is a time when a great deal of learning takes place. The Montessori way encourages children to learn independence and responsibility, so as to inspire life-long learners from an early age. This ethos continues through all meal times whereby, all children learn to serve their own food and actively assist with setting-up and clearing away. This is definitely a favourite time of day for the children!!

Food and nutrition

We ensure that all of our menus provide all the essential food groups that meet the dietary needs of growing children.

The menus are designed with health in mind; however, we are also committed to cultivating enjoyment of a variety of tastes in young children, which contributes to a balanced diet in later life.
We offer breakfast, snack, lunch, snack and a tea menu. The menu's are rotated regularly and we are able to support special diets for medical, religious or personal reasons.
Our menus conform to the Under 5's guidelines and standards set out by the School Food Trust and the Department for Education & Skills. Our menus are also approved by the Local Council and comply with current Government guidelines.